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Multimaster industrial mixing system

Multimaster industrial mixing system

MULTIMASTER system is composed by 22 highly concentrated universal toners which are fully compatible with the various types of resins, syntetic, nitro, polyurethane, acrylic, epoxy to produce a variety of products to satisfy the multiple requirements of many different applications for industrial vehicles, trucks, agricoltural machines, forniture and wood industry, for metals. The pigments have been selected for their purity and excellent coverage givinghigh efficiency to this system and for their high resistance to atmospheric agents so that the number of bases is kept to the minimum. Our mixing system allows the distributor/outlet has at his disposal a small and efficient colour mixing unit capable of quickly satisfying his customer’s requirements.


Product Code Quantity
White 11.001 Lt. 3,5
Black 11.002 Lt. 3,5
Yellow Oxyde 11.003 Lt. 3,5
Yellow Chrome Dark 11.004 Lt. 3,5
Yellow Crhome Bright 11.005 Lt. 3,5
Orange Molybdate 11.006 Lt. 3,5
Red Oxyde Dark 11.007 Lt. 3,5
Red Oxyde Bright 11.008 Lt. 3,5
Red Organic Bright 11.009 Lt. 3,5
Red Organic Dark 11.010 Lt. 3,5
Green Phatalo Dark 11.011 Lt. 3,5
Blue Phatalo 11.012 Lt. 3,5
Orange Organic 2YG 11.013 Lt. 3,5
Violet 11.014 Lt. 1
Blue Phatalo Cobalte 11.016 Lt. 3,5
Black Industrial 11.022 Lt. 3,5
Black Car 11.023 Lt. 3,5
Red Transparent 11.031 Lt. 3,5
Yellow Transparent 11.032 Lt. 3,5
Silver Coarse 11.034 Lt. 3,5
Black for Metallic 11.036 Lt. 3,5
Silver Coarse high concentration 11.045 Lt. 3,5


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