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Mixing Color System “S” – Dichem – Napoli

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Mixing Color System "S"

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Mixing Color System “S”

Mixing Color System “S”

Dichemix “S” color mixing system has 94 color bases composed of 32 2k direct gloss acrylic, 40 basecoats, 15 pearls and 6 xirallic which allow to prepare a complete range of car refinish colors.

Its software has a database of over 80000 colors of the major worldwide car manufacturers.
New colors are formulated daily and are weekly available also added on line on our web site.

Dichemix color box is composed of around 8000 hand sprayed colors divided by car brands.
Thanks to our latest spectrophotometers, you can make color measurement from the original support getting the exact formula.

Bases ensure high coverage, have very high solid content and do not contain heavy metals or toxic solvents.
Another important feature is their long durability joint to an exceptional gloss level and extreme flexibility to whatever climatic condition.

Dichemix “S”, one of the best choice available on the car refinish colors market.

The right balance between an exceptional product and a very good price.


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